Why should I use Athina’s Eval framework instead of writing my own evals?

You could build your own eval system from scratch, but here’s why Athina might be better for you.

  • Athina provides you with 40+ plug-and-play preset evals that have been well-tested
  • Athina allows you to write custom evals that have been well-tested
  • Athina evals can run in development, CI / CD, and production, giving you consistent metrics for evaluating model accuracy and safety.
  • Athina removes the need for your team to write boilerplate loaders, implement LLMs, normalize data formats, etc
  • Athina offers a modular, extensible framework for writing and running evals
  • Athina gives you a UI to compare datasets, run evaluations, and keep track of every run.
  • Athina calculate analytics like pass rate and flakiness, and segments them so you can compare across different prompts, models, topics, environments and customers.

The Athina Team is here for you

  • We are always improving our eval system.
  • We work closely with our users, and can even help design custom evals

If you want to talk, book a call with a founder directly.