Athina is an evaluation framework and production observability platform for LLM-powered apps.

Athina has a suite of tools to help you safeguard LLMs in production.

  • Complete production observability platform, with real-time monitoring and analytics
  • Powerful evaluation framework to run in development, CI / CD, or production
  • Prompt management and experimentation tools


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Athina Monitor assists developers in several key areas:

  • Visibility: By logging prompt-response pairs using our SDK, you get complete visibility into your LLM touchpoints, allowing you to trace through and debug your retrievals and generations.
  • Usage Analytics: Athina will keep track of usage metrics like response time, cost, token usage, feedback, and more, regardless of which LLM you are using.
  • Query Topic Classification: Automatically classify user queries into topics to get detailed insights into popular subjects and AI performance per topic.
  • Granular Segmentation: You can segment your usage and performance metrics based on different metadata properties such as customer ID, prompt version, language model ID, topic, and more to slice and dice your metrics.

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