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Athina IDE is a collaborative editor for AI teams to prototype, experiment and evaluate in a spreadsheet-like UI.

It is designed for both technical and non-technical users to work together efficiently.

Athina IDE provides tools to manipulate, analyze, and experiment with data in an intuitive spreadsheet-like interface.

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💎 Core Philosophies

Athina IDE is built around 2 core principles:

  1. Great AI products are built by teams: Athina IDE is designed for multiple team personas to get together and collaborate – PMs, Data Scientists, SWE, MLE, and QA teams. Both technical and non-technical users can experiment, prototype, run tests, and work with their data.

  2. Great AI products are built with a data-centric approach: Building powerful AI products is a function of how intelligently you can work with your data. So Athina IDE revolves around datasets, providing powerful spreadsheet-like controls, and dynamic columns for powerful manipulation and prototyping.

🤔 What Can You Do with Athina IDE

  • Work with Data: Filter, search, sort, edit, annotate, tag, and delete data like a spreadsheet.
  • Prototype Pipelines: Create dynamic columns to run LLM prompts, execute code, make API calls, and perform data transformations.
  • Run LLM Evaluations: Use 50+ preset evaluation metrics or create custom evaluations.
  • Run Experiments: Re-generate datasets with different prompts, models, or retrieval parameters.
  • Compare Datasets: Compare multiple datasets side-by-side.

Example Guides

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