Other than naming your prompts well, you can also use the following features to organize your prompts:

  • Favorites: You can mark prompts as favorites to pin them to the top of the sidebar for easy access.

  • Folders: You can create folders to organize your prompts. Currently, folders cannot be nested.

  • Emojis: You can add emojis to your prompts to make them easier to identify in the sidebar.

Organize Prompts Programmatically

You can also organize your prompts programmatically using the Athina API.

Add to folder

Slug.add_to_directory(slug="test_slug", directory="production_prompts")

Mark as Favorite

slug = Slug.favorite_slug(slug="test_slug", starred=False)

Set emoji

slug = Slug.set_emoji(slug="test_slug", emoji="https://emojicdn.elk.sh/star")